Attend college classes and earn income to afford expenses!


Whether you're a recent graduate of high school now enrolled in college for the first time, or a parent with years of experience wanting to further your education, we understand associated expenses may impose a challenge to your already tight budget. Adams Global Technology LLC and Arise are collaborating to provide work at home opportunities to aid with your expenses all while working conveniently from home or dorm room. This means your commute is eliminated, your lunch is what's in the refrigerator and you're home to multi-task between school, work and your day-to-day life on your terms. Career advisors have a variety of goals and responsibilities for each of their students just as students do when enrolling into a degree program. Some of these goals include researching occupations and industries, finding companies that have openings that are a right fit for you, and making sure these opportunities have a sufficient earning potential to meet your needs.

Adams Global Technology LLC helps to bridge the gap between graduation and employment by providing job opportunities that closely match your chosen field of study. We hire students and graduates in the following fields:

Criminal Justice
Pharmacy Technician
and Computer Applications


We work hand in hand with college career advisors. We understand the importance of placing graduates in their chosen field of study and we are here to help you help them. We can place graduates with clients in the following industries:

Home Security
Home Warranty
Mobile Communications
Cable, Internet & Phone
Tax & Financial Services
Vacation Club & Travel
Roadside Assistance


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Focus on Education
Earn income and a degree.
Attend college classes and earn income to afford expenses.
Higher education students.


If you are in one of these fields of study, you can begin work with one of our well-known clients and earn money. You can work as little as 15-20 hours per week and choose the days you wish to work. This allows for flexibility in your schedule so that you can continue your job search in your chosen field. It also offers on-the-job real time experience so when you do land that job, you’ll already have experience.