Client Services

Customer Support


Adams Global Technology assists businesses by providing outstanding support via phone, email and/or chat at a lower cost than most other outsourced services. Whether your business has grown and you need help with the extra volume, or you’d like to make the switch to a more affordable solution, we are the answer you’ve been looking for! We can provide outstanding customer service to your customers. This is our best attribute! Whether it’s answering general questions, helping make changes to a service, or going over billing information, we’ve got what it takes to help your customers!


Technical Support

With the extensive training that we provide to our work at home agents, we can teach them to do just about anything and that includes assisting customers with any technical issues that they may have with their product or service!


Our agents have plenty of experience with successful sales. A number of clients already choose us to take their calls and sell their products or services. When our clients teach us about what they offer, we turn potential individuals into customers.